Vellamo Programs

One-on-One Mentoring Program

Are you a small business owner with big dreams? A leader in corporate who wants to get to the C-Suite? Seize the opportunity to skyrocket your career with our groundbreaking mentorship program. Imagine tapping into the expertise of our founder, Molly Gimmel, a trailblazer who turned her company into a multi-million dollar powerhouse, earning a coveted spot on the Inc5000 list four times. With a proven track record of helping hundreds of businesses secure and manage government contracts, and extensive experience on prestigious boards like NAWBO and Enterprising Women magazine, Molly is uniquely positioned to guide you to new heights.

In this exclusive program launching in 2024, Molly will not only share invaluable best practices but also unveil the lessons she's learned over three decades in the business arena. As your dedicated mentor and coach, she'll provide personalized support to help you grow as a dynamic leader.

Picture yourself gaining insights and implementing strategies that will propel your business and career forward. Act now, as we're offering only two coveted spots for this transformative journey. Don't miss the chance to supercharge your business in 2024 – secure your spot today and unleash the full potential of your professional dreams!

Have questions or want more information? Email Molly at

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Growth Galaxies for Managers

Embark on a Leadership Odyssey with Growth Galaxies: Your Path to Stellar Leadership!

Attention junior and mid-level managers, and those destined for leadership roles! Elevate your leadership prowess with our transformative 12-week training and mentoring program, Growth Galaxies. Navigating the cosmos of leadership challenges, our program is designed to equip you with the skills and insights needed to shine as a leader. In this cosmic journey, you'll learn to:

  • Effectively connect with your team, unlocking their full potential for peak performance.

  • Cultivate essential leadership skills – from impactful communication to leading by example, problem-solving, decision-making, and strategic delegation.

  • Understand diverse leadership attributes and styles, mastering how to apply them for maximum effectiveness.

But here's the celestial secret to our program's success – each Galaxy is led by a seasoned mentor. Imagine having a guiding star providing personalized feedback and insights, propelling you toward leadership excellence.

For visionary companies with 20 or more participants, we offer the opportunity to create a bespoke Galaxy exclusively for your team. Click "Galaxies for Companies: below to discover more about this galaxy-making possibility.

For individual explorers or companies with fewer than 20 participants, a new Galaxy awaits at the start of each quarter. Click "Galaxies for Individuals" below to embark on your leadership odyssey.

Don't just lead; lead brilliantly. Join Growth Galaxies and illuminate your path to stellar leadership success!

Corporate Leadership Training

Vellamo can design customized leadership training programs for your in-house team, based on your company's objectives and employees' needs. This can be a half-day workshop to a week-long seminar. Contact us to discuss your specific training requirements.

Individual Leadership Coaching

Vellamo has a cadre of certified leadership coaches who can work one-on-one with you or your team members. Contact us to discuss your specific coaching requirements.