Vellamo Leadership Institute Programs

Growth Galaxies

Growth Galaxies is a 12-week leadership training and mentoring program designed especially for junior and mid-level managers and those on a path to become managers. Managers often face unique challenges in the workplace. Leadership training is essential, as it teaches them how to:

  • effectively connect with the people they lead to bring out the best performance in everyone

  • cultivate essential leadership skills such as communication, leading by example, problem-solving, decision-making, and delegation

  • understand different leadership attributes and styles and how to apply them to be most successful

By having a mentor to guide them through the process, participants receive personalized guidance and feedback to help them become more effective leaders.

Want to learn more?

Corporate Leadership Training

Vellamo can design customized leadership training programs for your in-house team, based on your company's objectives and employees' needs. This can be a half-day workshop to a week-long seminar. Contact us to discuss your specific training requirements.

Individual Leadership Coaching

Vellamo has a cadre of certified leadership coaches who can work one-on-one with you or your team members. Contact us to discuss your specific coaching requirements.